Beamar Test and Measuring Systems has served the manufacturing industry since 1987 and is a division of Beamar Industrial Supply, Inc. which has been providing knowledgeable advice and products to solve manufacturing quality problems. We have efficiently been able to provide both the US and Mexico markets with the finest and world’s best selling line of force measurement (Read more...)

Lloyd - Materials Testing Machine LS1 - Single Column Bench Mounted

Introducing a new generation single column high precision materials testing machine, the LS1 is designed to measure forces up to 1kN (225lbf) Ideal for routine quality control testing or complex...

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Chatillon - DFX II Series Digital Force Gauges

The CHATILLON® DFX II Series is an economical digital force gauge ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak force measurement. The DFX II is available in four capacities...

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Chatillon - LTCM100 Series Motorized Test Stand

The CHATILLON® LTCM100 Series is an economical, motorized tester optimized for product floor operation. When combined with a Chatillon DF Series digital force gauge, it provides users with...

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Shimpo - EForce Test Stand

Designed for Force testing in many industries, E-Force provides accurate and repeatable results for Tension Compression and Break Test. New features include free test software, intuitive control panel...

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Lloyd - Twin Column Mounted Bench

Offers a wide range of testing for forces up to 50 kN (11241 lbf). The stand alone system can store up to 600 test results from 10 programmable test set-ups or, with PC integration with Lloyd Instruments...

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Sinowon - Digital Hardness Tester

SHR-150C is an effective automatic digital Rockwell testing machine with high accuracy, reliability and durability, it is applied at the workshops and measurement departments for determining the...

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