SHIMPO DT-209X / DT-209X-S12 Handheld Tachometers

SHIMPO DT-209X / DT-209X-S12 Handheld Tachometers

Demanded by loyal users of the popular DT-205L laser tachometers, Shimpo responded by creating the DT-209X series of LASER combination hand held tachometers. Based on the DT-205L with its rugged construction and quality components; the DT-209X is equipped with DATA COLLECTION features that adds flexibility in the field for Maintenance, Quality Control and R&D professionals.

Simultaneous storage of data in three different measuring modes (USB, Standard, and Average) both the DT-209X and DT-209X-S12 offer incredible value and the use of ease in Contact and Non-contact applications.
Enhanced download features and online controls, showing trending and real time data via USB communication and Analog output; you can easily access your data by the FREE SOFTWARE in each DT-209X package.

Key Features

  • Hand held data acquisition
  • All Metal Construction
  • 5 digit display LCD
  • Removable Head Assembly Contact and Non-Contact
  • High Accuracy
  • Software and USB cable provided
  • Three measuring modes Standard, USB, Average
  • Scalable 1-volt analog output (USB mode)
  • Long Range (1.5 M) Measuring Distance (non-contact LASER)
  • AA Batteries or USB power
  • Synchronize clock for Standard and Average mode results
  • Multiple Measuring units (Contact and Non-Contact)

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