Imada FB Series Force Gauge

Imada FB Series Force Gauge

The rugged construction of the FB/PS force gauges will withstand industrial environments and yet retain calibration for extended periods.

Ergonomic design makes it ideal for hand held use, or it can be mounted to a test stands. The Zero- Tare ring allows you to zero the gauge to compensate for measuring attachments and changes in measuring position. The real time/peak hold selector switch allows you to observe transients or capture peaks. Many ranges are available to cover all of your measurement needs (also available in Newtons.)

The FB series is sold in kits complete with force gauge hard carrying case, five measuring attachments (flat head, conical, chisel, notched, and small hook) as well as a 3 inch extension shaft PS resolution is 2 times greater than FB and the kit includes everything in the FB kit plus a large hook and Y-hook. An optional handle to facilitate the measurement of heavy loads is also available.

  • Simple, rugged, virtually maintenance free
  • Retains a high degree of accuracy for extended periods
  • Ergonomic, heavy-duty metal construction
  • No batteries needed
  • Instrinsically safe in hazardous environments
  • Capacity up to 150 lbf (push and pull)
  • Overload capacity 165 lbf on all ranges
  • Tare ring
  • Real time and peak mode
  • Full set of accessories and carrying case included

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