SHIMPO FGV-HX / FGE-HX JAVELIN Series Digital Force Gauge

The microprocessor-controlled, digital FGV-HX and FGE-HX series offers the same user-friendly features of our popular FGV-X and FGE-X series, but in an extremely heavy-duty case, allowing the gauges to handle larger capacities from 200 to 1,000 pounds. Shown with two removable “knurled” steel handles are provided for hand operation and a hanger is included which enables each gauge to be used as a scale.
The FGV-HX series includes all FGE-HX features plus RS232C output, RS-232C cable, (analog cable is extra) analog outputs and an overload output signal.

  • Reversible display
  • Permits inverting the gauge for test stand or handheld operation without disassembly of case
  • Outstanding accuracy (±0.2% F.S.)
  • Peak measurement
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Overload capacity: 200% F.S.
  • RS232C and analog outputs (FGV-HX models)
  • Measures both compression and tension forces
  • One year warranty

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