The IMADA Z2H Series Digital Force Gauges

IMADA Z2H Series Digital Force Gauges

The The IMADA Z2H Series Digital Force Gauges are high performance, digital force gauges which offer programmable high/low setpoints for go/no-go testing. ORANGE lights up for measurements less than Low setpoint, GREEN for between High and Low setpoint, and RED for over High setpoint. Store up to 1,000 values in memory, which can be transmitted using the RS-232C port. Use the real time mode to display load transients, or the peak mode to capture the peak force achived during a test. Selectable measuring units of lbf, kgf, or Newtons. Connect an Imada Z2H force gauge and MX Series test stand and enable forece controlled testing. Force control can automatically stop testing when the force value reaches the high setpoint programmed on the Z2H force gauge, or maintain the force between the Z2H High and Low setpoints. Force control is ideal for fatigue or non desstructive testing. All Z2H gauges are sold in kits which include the gauge, hard carrying case. AC adapter/charger, tension hook. Four compression adapters, extension shaft and knurled steel handles. Built in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

  • Programmable high/low setpoints with color-coded LED indicators and output signal for quick go/no go testing
  • 1,000 Data memory for computer download
  • Reversible display
  • Selectable lbf, kgf, and Newton units
  • RS-232C, Digamatic and analog outputs
  • Runs on internal NIMH batteries or AC adapter
  • Overload capacity 200% F.S.
  • Real time and peak mode (selectable)
  • Full set of accessories, AC adapter/charger and carrying case. Z2 gauges are sold in kit form.

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