SHIMPO TRC Digital Torque Checker

SHIMPO TRC Digital Torque Checker

Fast, accurate and convenient calibration of torque wrenches, torque drivers, and torque watches.

The new Shimpo TRC torque checker is a user friendly instrument for calibrating or measuring torque values. A single button process does it all. Zero, Test, Store, and repeat. In addition to Average, Maximum, Minimum, and Peak values, the TRC features Red/Green/Red LED’s (HI-GO-LO) and audible alarm. It’s wide 3,000 data points storage capacity makes large batch testing possible, insuring overall product quality.

The TRC torque Checker is USB capable for easy PC/Software interface. Combined with the free DigiTorque_TRC software, graphical display and statistical analysis are performed and collected automatically.

The TRC is a portable device powered with internal rechargeable batteries or through a universal AC adapter/charger. The TRC’s small foot print saves valuable lab space. It’s low profile, (3.82”) rugged design, and NIST traceable calibration certificate promotes proper calibration procedures, insuring overall product quality.

  • High Accuracy (± 0.5% F.S )
  • Wide Torque Range (0.5Nm, 2Nm and 10Nm models)
  • Test Memory (Retains up to 3000 measurements)
  • Variable Units of measures
  • Large Digital Display (easy-to-read LCD)
  • PC Output (USB interface with add in “Digitorq TRC” software for Microsoft Excel )
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries and 120/420 VAC AC adapter
  • Portable
  • 2 Year Warranty

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