Materials Testing Machine LFPlus

Materials Testing Machine LFPlus – Single Column Bench Mounted
1kN (225lbf)

NEW PRODUCT: LS1 Materials Testing Machine

The LFPlus universal testing machine is an easy to
use solution for force measurement and material
testing applications up to 1 kN (225 lbf). The
machine uses interchangeable XLC Series load
cells. Tension and compression testing with cycling
to load and extension limits are standard features.
The machine can be equipped with a variety of
accessories including: grips, fixtures, compression
frames, thermal cabinets and extensometers.
The LFPlus features an innovative design that
maximises working space and simplifies operation
and maintenance. The large work area and deep
179 mm (7 in) throat accommodates large
specimens and is supplied with a standard
universal eye end or optional expanded work table,
T-slot table or drip tray.  An impressive 0.05-1270
mm/min (0.002-50 in/min) crosshead speed makes
it ideal for advanced applications such as creep
tests and constant load holding tests.  The machine
includes standard pass/fail capabilities and
The LFPlus machine displays load and extension
information on a high visibility LCD console with
integral membrane keypad. The machine’s intuitive
console displays prompts and menus that guide the
user through setup, operation and maintenance
functions.  Passwords may be used to limit functions
to authorised users.  Information can be displayed
in a choice of languages as standard.
Machine performance can be optimised using our
NEXYGENPlus material test and data analysis
software. This Windows based software with its
built in applications library, is easy-to-use and
allows detailed test data to be stored and displayed
in graphical and tabular formats. The software
allows data to be manipulated to produce detailed
analytical reports, plus the ability to integrate with
popular Windows software packages such as
Excel, and Outlook. Other features include
powerful video and still picture capture, advanced
security and audit trails to safeguard data integrity,
SPC and clear pass/fail indication.


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