Davenport Density Gradient Columns

Davenport Density Gradient Columns

Key Features

  • Measures density of small samples of solid materials
  • Simple set-up, operation and maintenance
  • Complies with BS2782 part 6 Method 620D, ASTM D1505-68, ISO 1183 and other international standards
  • Accuracy to 0.0001g/ml
  • Constant temperature control via heating and cooling circuits
  • Accepts mains water
  • Column solution filling apparatus supplied for ease of use

Accessories / Options

For full details of accessories and options available, please view specification literature.

Standard Accessories (supplied with the Density Column):

  • Algicide sufficient to treat two columns
  • Sweep basket and line
  • Stainless steel capillary filling tube
  • PTFE covered magnetic stirrer bar
  • Plastic covered rod (to insert column into water jacket)
  • Stopclock with right angle bend
  • Stopclock assembly
  • Thermometer 18°C – 28°C
  • Two sets of floats – user specified

Optional Accessories:

  • Replacement Float 0.8-1.5999 g/ml (without calibration certificate)
  • Calibration certificate for single float
  • Set of 9 floats in range 0.8-1.5999 g/ml
  • Set of 9 floats in range 1.6-2.7 g/ml.

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