Magnetic Pick-Up Sensors

LS1 (1 kN, 225 lbf) Materials Testing Machine

General-purpose economy model. Designed to mount in a 5/8”-18 threaded hole with included securing jam nut. 10 foot cable included.

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Magnetic pick-up with Amphenol connector; requires sensor cable assembly. This general-purpose unit is designed to mount in a 5/8”-18 threaded hole and is provided with a jam nut for sensor securing.

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LRX Plus
SHIMPO 3070-XP12010

Specifically engineered for use in the oil and petrochemical industries, this stainless steel sensor is completely sealed and explosion-proof. Low impedance allows for transistor circuit input. When mated with conduit, it provides positive protection against damage due to water, high humidity, oil, dirt, or corrosive liquids. ATEX listed for II 2 GEExm II T3. Explosion proof for gas, vapor, and liquid.

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