Photo Reflective Sensors

LS1 (1 kN, 225 lbf) Materials Testing Machine
SHIMPO LS-S50MLR & LS-S50MLR-DT311 Laser Sensor-Color Contrast

LS-S50ML is a laser sensor that can be taught to recognize difference in colors. It is a class 1 red laser with switching frequency of 1.5KHZ. Contained in a metal housing with 6ft of cable, which can be utilized for different operations including stroboscopes, counters and panel tachometers. It includes a trimmer potentiometer that is located on the side for minimum and optimum sensitivity adjustments. Can be used in normally closed or normally open operation, NPN type of output, with a yellow LED for signal indication and a green LED for power.

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Consists of a LED infra-red light source sensing device and amplifier contained in a heavy-duty housing. For initial alignment purposes, a small indicator lamp is mounted in the top of the sensor housing. The MCS-625 has an open collector output and requires a pull up resistor.

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LRX Plus

Incorporates a complimentary switching voltage output (light/dark activated) that operates up to 333Hz. An LED is mounted in the back of the unit with sensitivity adjustment.

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