SHIMPO DT-326 (LED) SaberStrobe
The SaberStrobe is an all new LED stroboscope utilizing super bright light emitting diodes (LED’s) in an appealing, durable all metal design. The DT-326’s unique LED array provides an accurate and stable strobe light. Innovative industrial design allows for a longer flash life – 5 times longer than traditional xenon flashtubes! With its intuitive “ONE HAND” controls, wide and adjustable flash rate, brightness and focus control, AC or DC operation and silent operation, the Shimpo DT-326 LED SaberStrobe provides a superior value in a practical package.
  • Features
    • Wide Flash Range: 60-120,000 flashes per minute, can be applied to meet almost any HIGH-SPEED application
    • Ratio Control (Flash Pulse Duration):Adjustable Flash Pulse duration achieves sharper images for critical inspection
    • ECO Mode: Brightness control extends battery life
    • Phase Shift: Advance or retard flash timing for viewing gear teeth, cutting surfaces, repeats or “drifting” images
    • Input/Output Interface: Input sensor triggers or Output synchronization controls

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