SHIMPO TNP Torque Meter

SHIMPO TNP Torque Meter

The new Shimpo TNP torque meter is a precision instrument that measures OPEN and CLOSE torque values for various applications. As a cap torque analyzer, the TNP repeatedly determines bottle closure and breakaway torque. It has a wide memory capacity capable of storing 1,000 data points in addition to Average, Maximum and Minimum values. A HI-LO comparator feature can be utilized for large batch testing to ensure overall product quality.

The TNP torque meter is USB capable for computer testing. Combined with the free Digitorq Software, additional analysis and testing can be performed.

The TNP is a portable device powered with internal rechargeable batteries or thru an AC adapter/charger. Designed with a small footprint it can easily be transferred to maximize use around the shop floor or the laboratory.

DIGITORQ: Torque Analyzer Software for the TNP (digital torque meter) provides true distribution graph display, (Great for SPC applications!)
1,000 data point storage, (Avg., Max, Min) and recall of all data along with “HI-LO” comparator features…..

  • High Accuracy (± 0.5% F.S )
  • Wide Torque Range (0.5Nm, 2Nm and 10Nm models
  • Adjustable Sample Size
  • Test Memory (Retains up to 1000 measurements)
  • Variable Units of measures Displays
    Torque values:
    -TNP-0.5: Ncm, mNm, gcm, Lbin
    -TNP-2, 5, 10: Nm, Ncm, Kgcm, Lbin
  • Large Digital Display (easy-to-read LCD)
  • PC Output (USB interface with add in software)
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries and/or Universal AC adapter
  • Portable
  • 2 Year Warranty

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